The 7th Annual Pembroke Falls Turkey Trot was an honor for our Spanish Honor Society Members. We got the oppurtunity to help set up, give out numbers to the participants, make posters to motivate the runners/ walkers, and overall learn the importance of giving back to the community by supporting the Forza Stefano Charitable Foundation. 


Forza Stefano 4th Annual Tournament Volunteers 


Bracelet Sales 


The 4th Annual Forza Stefano Waterpolo Tournament was at the Belen Preparatory High School. Spanish National Honor Society came two out of the three days to help volunteer and support this amazing cause. Some members took specific slots and helped around the pool deck with the goodness of their heart.   


This fundraiser was an overall accomplishment for both Spanish Honor Society and Forza Stefano. So many PPCHS and SHS families came out to come support this amazing cause! We raised over $150 dollars and donated all the proceeds to Forza Stefano Charitable Foundation! Without all the support this event wouldn't have been such a success.


This fundraiser started on December 5th, 2019 and was set to sell during both Lunches and even After School! SHS sold both Rubber Bracelets that had the #FORZASTEFANOCHARITABLEFOUNDATION name engraved on the bracelet as well as customized Pura Vida’s. This was an amazing way to get the cause out there in our campus and it definitely did in the long run. Spanish National Honor Society donated all the proceeds to Forza Stefano Charitable Foundation and raised more than $500 dollars in these sales!


  Habit Burger Fundraiser Janurary 15th, 2020


Turkey Trot  November 23rd, 2019



This is a collaboration between PPCHS Spanish National Honor Society and Forza Stefano. The project “SHS Y Forza En Acción” has been created with the help from Pembroke Pines Charter High School Spanish National Honor Society. Forza Stefano Charitable Foundation has benefited from their amazing support system. With the members' passion for spreading Hispanic culture and language in our community we have been able to further aid  teens and families who are fighting cancer and are going through desperate times. With this collaboration, SHS and Forza Stefano have been able to inspire others in the process.