Thank you to all to the Forza Stefano Club Members, for selling Puravidas during A & B lunch!! It was truly a success. We raised more than $500 in bracelets! We couldn’t have done it without you all!! All these funds will go to the Teens in the Joedimaggio Children’s Hosptial facing cancer! @forzastefano @puravida #forzastefanoppchs #teenswithcancer


The Forza Stefano Club at PPCHS has been created! This club will help teens with cancer and give the students at PPCHS a hands on experience with the Forza Stefano Charitable Foundation


Forza Stefano Club PPCHS 


Health Drive 


Jeremiahs Ice Fundraiser 


Forza Stefano Club will be holding its first Health Drive of the year! We will be collecting Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Gloves, Cloris Wipes, and or any disinfecting products to send to the Joedimaggio Children’s Hospital!! These donations will go to the teens in the cancer department!! Anything helps so please make sure to donate:) #Forzastefanoclubppchs #teenswithcancer #healthdrive


Forza Stefano Club will be hosting a fundraiser on December 21st from 12 pm to 10 pm at Jeremiah's Italian Ice! Make sure to buy some ice cream to help the Forza Stefano Charitable Foundation !!! #ppchsforzastefanoclub #forzastefanocharitablefoundation

Thank you to all the Members who came to support the PPCHS Forza Stefano Club! Without you guys, this event would have been a success! Extremely grateful for our members, board officers, and our sponsor!! All these funds will be used to help teens with cancer!! Together we can fight this!! #forzastefanocharitablefoundation #ppchsforzastefanoclub #helpingteenswithcancer #jeremiahsice

Pura Vida Sale During PPCHS Lunches